Hey guys. Just looking for some advice.
I put my epiphone dot on craigslist for sale/trade. Somebody replied and offered me a highway 1 telecaster. I was really taken aback. Apperently this guy bought it a month ago and he's willing to trade and get some cash on the side. So my question is how much cash should I give him with my guitar. My dot was made in china around 2002. Would it be OUTRAGEOUS to say 125 with my epiphone dot with a hardcase for his highway 1 tele with a gig bag?

If anyone cares it's a black highway one made in the US with everything being stock and a rosewood fretboard.

My epiphone is a red dot with stock parts and a rosewood neck.

I've gotten other offers as well like a black epiphone SG G400 with PRS mike tremonti pickups. And a Jackson Performer made in 1995 plus 225 dollars.

Thoughts? Opinions?
I bought my Highway One Strat for like 800 bucks new, so used it'd be like, 400-600, depending on condition. I dunno if the Telecasters are significantly different in price, but i'd go for it.
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haha, ottawa kijiji?
i'm pretty sure i've seen your dot. that guy with the performer has had it on there forever.
i've played some HW1 models. i didnt find them set up near a nicely as the american standards, nor did they sound as nice for some reason. i'm sure it could be a jackpot though, i reccomend trying it out. kind of interesting he's only had it a month though. then again i've had my strat 5 months and am selling it.
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Lol I'm on Toronto kijiji.
I'm probably gonna go for the tele but how much cash should I include with it?
Lol I'm on Toronto kijiji.
I'm probably gonna go for the tele but how much cash should I include with my dot?