It's not bad, I liked it. Also , what kind of distortion pedal were you using?

Fuck that - I want a bass amp that can suck dick! Where do you find such a thing
Hmm a few things, tune your bass for one thing. Its hard to listen to the whole with it being that out. I don't have perfect technique by any means, but there are a few places when you're doing quick hammer ons and pull offs where you fumble over that.

Good melodic and rhythmic ideas for the most part, musical phrasing. Good inner groove for the most part as well. When you put the pedal on, there was a good chunk of time where I really could find any tonal center. And finishing with that little classical tag was a nice touch sans the one part you didn't know.

Room for improvement, but a good job
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I didn't really get it. I know you were just kind of fooling around, but as far as I can tell the musical ideas didn't really do anything, it kind of sounded like a bunch of notes in a scale (sometimes). It's hard to say how much musicality you were trying to employ and how much of it was just noodling, so I'll refrain from any further judgement on that front.

However, what I can pass judgement on ( ) is technique. There's three things that I really noticed that all kind of go hand in hand... in hand. One was that you were curling your thumb over the top of the neck and that has a big impact on how cleanly and quickly you'll be able to play. It makes it so that you have to move, almost slide, your whole hand up and down the neck as you shift. If you plant your thumb soundly in the centre it can act as a pivot and your shifting will be much smoother and your playing will be much smoother. What this was causing was that your fingers weren't really planting on the strings properly. They were kind of going in between frets just after a fret and just before a fret. They also weren't really spread very well. The fingers should be spread evenly and going one finger per fret so as to be the most efficient.This leads to a lot of buzz and a much less clear sound. You should try and fret right before the fret, almost on top of it to get the clearest tone. The last thing that I noticed that was caused by the thumb and helped cause the fingers, was that you were cradling the neck in your hand. The same as the thumb, this is just going to slow you down and cause other problems like the fingers. The ball of your hands (assuming hands have balls) shouldn't really ever be firmly touching the neck.
lol thanks for the advice, info, help, blah blah blah. lolol I wasn't trying to actually play to anything really. It was basically a "solo" but I played several different styles.

Can anyone give me a suggestion of a style to play and I'll do my best at it, if that'll help at all for a better analysis?
Fair enough.