So ive been playing guitar for a couple years. Ive never taken a lesson or tried a real practice program or anything and its definatly irritating because the better I get the more stuff im realizing Im doing wrong. I guess id be considered decent I can play Alot of The Devil Wears Prada newer stuff along with some chelsea grin, carnifex, asking alexandria, nothing too technical but its fun to play. The type of music im really into though is The black dahlia Murder, Whitechapel, the Red Shore, stuff like that. But I know theres no way I would be able to play that any time soon if I dont learn proper technique and actually know what to do when i need to practice. So im kinda wanting to start over and learn things the right way which in time i think will pay off more than if i just kept learning by learning covers of songs. So if theres a book or dvd anyone could recommend to look into that would be great. or any advice for that matter.
I'd recommend posting a video up here, so that we can pick apart your technique and tell you how to improve on it. I can't think of any DVDs that properly go into correct technique, most just focus on licks/riffs. You could have a look at Freepower's lessons on youtube though.
One thing I can say at the moment is: even if you think something is too hard, you can always learn it at a slower pace.
Speed is a by-product of shut the fuck up.
well i just got a book of scales and techniques along with a metronome. would the best way to practice be to practice one technique over and over with the metronome until im good at it? that kinda seems to be a recurring theme i just started doing some research online
Get the guitar manual by Peter Gelling.

I have his Guitar book, Lead book, Rock book, Drum book, and Singing book.
The guy has a great way of teaching you.

I've never been more satisfied in my life, dude.

Umm, they had it at my library, I'd recommend try to check it out that way and if you like it make the purchase.
YouTube has fantastic lessons as well. You have made the first giant step in purchasing a metronome. Every player I have met that can't keep rhythm/beat/etc., in fact couldn't because of lack of metronome usage. There are TONS of excellent sources online that can help you out, and many of the lessons on this site are great.