I like the timbre of your voice, but you can't really hold a note :P ... No offence. Neither can I.

Edit: But you're a damn good guitar player.

Edit 2: But you sound excellent on the Mayer song... lol
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I like the timbre of your voice, but you can't really hold a note :P ... No offence. Neither can I.

Edit: But you're a damn good guitar player.

Edit 2: But you sound excellent on the Mayer song... lol

Hey thanks a lot man!

But what exactly do you mean i 'can't really hold a note'? Could you be more specific? I really want to get better and start nailing all the notes. thanks a ton for the feedback!
You have a good singing voice (though I think a little bit of pitch correction could help in a few spots where you go a little bit flat). I occasionally use pitch correction on some of my tunes. The song itself & the guitar playing are excellent! Rock on dude!
i like the guitar. tone is very nice and the playing is good. lots of nice variation to the sections so the song stays interesting. sounds like you are doing a lot with little add ons to the chords or variations or whatever. i think those sound really good.

i like the lyrics as much as i really was listening to them (as opposed tot he music). i liked the chorus lyrics, and some of the verses were interesting.

the pauses were nice. except for the last one. there wasnt enough after it for it to feel like the pause was warrented. it just seemed like the last section was tacked on semi-randomly.

your voice was my biggest issue with the song. it didnt really seem to fit, but it did grow on me. i guess it wasnt what i would usually associate with that style of song, so i wasnt prepared for it. by the end of the song i guess was used to it and started to enjoy it. felt like you did have an issue with a few notes now and again. there was one spot it sounded like you tried to hit a high-ish note and sorta stopped flat without ever quite reaching it. something i tend to do as well, but there it is.

overall, i really enjoyed the guitar work. some interesting stuff going on and it stayed interesting. vocals werent exactly my thing, but were fine other than a few spots.

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I think these guys have covered it really. I'm not a singer myself so I can't really offer any technical advice on that but it sounds like you have a reasonably strong voice and you just need to work on hitting pitches correctly. I've heard that some people practise this by singing along with a piano (or guitar if that's easier) or there was a device that you had to blow the correct pitch into which helped although I can't remember the name. Sorry about that. Best of luck to you.
Great song, really liked it. The guitar work was very nice and stayed interesting. Song structure was very well done, and vocals were not bad either, maybe a bit too compressed it sounds kinda squashed. Trying opening your throat more and push that air out from your gut and get some of those notes to hold and ring out and resenate in your head and chest.

But really great song, guitar work was my favorite part, very nice tone to it.
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To those of you saying that my voice 'didn't fit' "this kind" of song, what do you mean by that? could you be more specific?

And with the 'pitchyness', what are some ways i can correct this? i recorded this in a hurry too but there's no excuses. i need to take more time in the future for sure.

Thanks for all the feedback so far!! im working on the c4c's!
^ well personally, i was expecting more of a nasally voice. kinda thinking like pop-punk bands when they do more laid back stuff. i was thinking more like MxPx or maybe Jimmy Eat World. i guess its not so much that your voice didnt fit, as it wasnt what i expected. by the end when i got used to it, i felt it did fit a lot more than i thought initially. you were singing more open with a bit of grit than the super clean, slightly nasally voice i would usually expect i guess
not saying it was bad, because it wasnt. just got a raised eyebrow kinda thing.

and thanks for the crit by the way
I use an Antares AVP-1 hardware unit: I bought it mostly for pitch correction, but has some good mic modeling & compressor also. In my experience, the AVP-1 is kind of hit or miss with the pitch correction. Sometimes it really makes my vocals sound better in pitch & other times I can't hear any difference or might even sound worse. It seems most pitch correction is done with software nowadays: Antares makes software for this: I'm assuming it's an improvement over my 4 year old AVP-1. I googled pitch correction & there is free software out there, not sure how good it is. I don't use Reaper (recording software), but this thread could give you a good starting point for what various people think:

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I think your just a bit flat in places ... your voice is pretty good though