Not sure if this belongs here, but I'm gunna go for it anyways. I've been playing for about 3 years now and I can improvise pretty well but I feel they all end up sounding similar. Then you check out youtube or go to concerts and hear these guys throwing in chords and double stops and other stuff in there and making it sounds great. Is this just a product of borrowing licks from other songs or how do they do this?
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Use notes from the key... most of the time it'll sound good, at least that's if your ears are good... sort of. You'll figure it out over time if you keep trying, i'm sure

EDITxExample: E pentatonic minor


using those five notes... you can make melodies chords etc.
E A B = chord
G B = double stop

Use some phrasing, use your ears, use notes, i'm not too sure what you're asking so i'm just chucking crap out there

apologies for the patronisingness
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He doesn't mean any particular video >_> lol
Just in general, like you see those guys play with that shizz. Zakk Wylde, for exmaple... I think? Tommi Iommi? Jeez I can't even remember if that's how you spell his name
Elementary, my dear Watson!
oh, I just skimmed it... ha. my bad.

but yeah TS, learning licks from your favorite guitarist helps too. Its not everything but it gives you more to add to your arsenal.
Angus young repeats a lot of licks i think, he would be a good guitar guy to check his playing. Quite a bit of improvisation is repeating licks you knew before at the right time, and when you get deeper into it, knowing when and where to mix licks and chop them up

I think that's what I mean, i lost track partway...
Elementary, my dear Watson!
are you improvising based on just box patterns? if so, start learning some other boxes. if not, well make sure you dont limit yourself to just a single area of the neck. just moving up/down 2 or 3 frets adds a whole lot of new options for phrasing because the notes are positioned slightly different relative to one another.

for example if you are playing in 7th position and drop down to 4th position, stuff that was on the 9th fret is now on the 4th fret (or 5th). so instead of being at the upper section of your position, those notes are now at the lower end. different phrases start to creep into your playing as you work outside your previous limits.