I have Guitar Tracks Pro 4, but I'm going to record at a friend's house, and he doesn't have any software. Is there any decent free software that we can download at his computer?
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i fond God too, man! i sat next to him on the bus once. he told be the meaning of life and then gave me a pretzel. i can't remember what the meaning of live was, but it was a good pretzel, man!
Reapers prob one of the best,

that and Kristal
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You can buy whatever guitar you want, you don't have to be at a certain skill level to buy one. This is real life, not some guitar-playing RPG where you have to unlock new guitars.
god dammit i see one of these threads every day, use the damn search bar

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Reminds me of that drunkard who ran out of beer... he was so desperate, he drank furniture polish.

He came to a horrible end... but a beautiful finish.
Reaper like mentioned. Trial without a limit.
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Damn you Sludge Metal community! We want Trent Reznor back.