Not bad! I find that I can come up with unique musical ideas that are different from my usual stuff by working with instruments other than the guitar. I'm guessing you're the same way. Although I'm not usually into techno at all, I found Plea to be quite interesting. Your other stuff is cool too. Crit mine?

I really am liking what I'm hearing so far. The only thing is how high the high string parts are, but that may just be my laptop speakers lol. I like how the beat gave it more depth, and kept rhythm while the strings lead a nice little melody/harmony. It reminds me of a bird at the bottom of a valley who then spreads its wings to flee from a fire, and while the bird flies over the valley, it can see the flames that consumes its home, but can also see the beauty captured by the flames...i dunno think weird lol xD I really enjoyed it. Am listening to your second track atm its sounding pretty good so far too.

Imma ad you so look out for me XD

I need a guitar buddy to teach me what I don't already know who wants to be my friend ???
Turn up the horn later on in the song the strings seem to drown it out on my speakers. I love the atmosphere of this song. MAybe switch up the rythm on the drums to keep it interesting at some point. But really good man im impressed!

crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1319505
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That was really good, had a great feel throughout the whole piece though I'd love to hear it with more going on in the way of drums .etc
Only real problem is that 1:49 sounds a bit iffy, though everything else sounds great!
What did you use for the violins?

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Thanks for the crits, guys!

deformity: Apparently my music inspires strange mental images... good to know That might be your speakers, it is pretty high though. Did you have anything you wanted me to look at?

Vinnie: Horn? That was all strings and a drums. Maybe you're thinking of the cello that comes in partway through the song.

Drummerrr: That's actually Garageband. I'm getting better at making them sound less synthed, though I'm still not where I'd like to be.

And yeah, I want more to happen with the drums too, but programming is a pain. I'm looking to get an electronic drumset soon, though, and when that happens, I should be revisiting most things I've done to add some nicer drum tracks.

I'd still like to hear more opinions on the song, so keep them coming!