my solo project. I was featured in the UG Unsigned Artist of The Month column in February, which gave me some exposure, but that only lasted for like a day or so, so I figured I'd try and hype my music again.

I play rock with metal sensibilities...all vocals and guitars are me, as well as the occasional saxophone. The drums, synth, and bass are programmed. It's all recorded on my built-in macbook mic and mixed in garageband, which kind of limits my sonic capabilities, but i know a fair bit about production so i did the best i could and it actually sounds pretty good through headphones imo.

Devin Townsend is a big influence, in both my songwriting and production style, and I sometimes catch myself writing some stuff that sounds kind of like Dream Theater too. The three songs I have up on my profile are all pretty rockin' type stuff, but if you download the EP from the link under the album picture, you'll get some softer acoustic songs too.

New material will hopefully come over the summer, with more real instruments and good microphones

Let me know what you think! Tell a friend!