the first one is more of a chill song (with a video)
the 2nd one is more prog metal ish, don't have a video up so its on my profile called Changes [Part 2]

I'm curious to see what everyone thinks. Are the songs themselves any good? Also, how about the mixes? Any tips on improving the mix would be awesome
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I am really enjoying your video so far....what is that, an octave machine youre using? It sounds really good. The transition to the lead guitar was very nice, maybe turn down the level on the lead just a tiny tiny bit. Its a strange time transition to the delay-chord part with the sudden drums, but it works nicely overall. The fade in with the electric was pretty nice. Piano solo gave it a good variety, and was a nice touch. A very good mix overall.

As for your profile song. Its not my type of song but its very well constructed, alot better than stuff i can come up with. I think the levels were pretty well balanced out. You have quite the range, from your soft almost dreamy peice, to this prog piece which has got me wanting to go grab my guitar and start learning more guitar stuff.

Overall, I say you have quite the musical muscle that you are able to flex there. I enjoyed both songs, and look foreward to seeing more of your works
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holy shit I love that prog song. I really have nothing to say on how to improve it. NICE

ur second song dream i didnt like AS much but its still really good. I dont think it flowed as well as the other one. Also an instrument comes in towards the end that I felt was too loud in the mix...

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that was absolutely amazing man, really was. Not a single thing bad to say, recording was perfect, playing was perfect, everything was perfect.

ive watched it twice now to find a fault and i still cant!

was real nice and chill, had a nice fathead before i listened to it and now im in a really good mood

in a word the song you created is just beautiful

and i really loved changes part 2 aswell, sounds like a toned down BTBAM, which is awesome, because to play and BTBAM you have to be pretty sick on guitar but your riffs, even though sounding still quite difficult, i think i could manage with them so it makes me like it even more

but yeah, sounded amazing mate, really did

again, not a thing wrong with it at all, youve deffo got your shit set up right and you know what your doing, respect for that (Y)

is there any point in c4c? haha

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"I am Osiris" at 2.22 i like how it goes "BA-BA-BA-BA---Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba---BA-BA--Ba-Ba-

its badass.

Thanks a lot for the feedback!
also, @deformity, there are two guitar tracks in the beginning of that song, basically everything is harmonized so i guess it gives it that weird sound :P
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