I am looking for a distortion pedal that will give me a sound similar to Dimebag Darrells (one that is heavy but trebly and handels pinch harmonics very well). I've seen videos of the Dime Distortion pedal and it doesn't seem like what I want, any suggestions? I'm playing through a Line 6 Spider 1, I know it already has distortion but it's not what I want and I hope to be upgrading soon anyway. Thank you for helping.
I really don't want to be "that guy", but honestly, with a Line 6 Spider 1... Buying a distortion pedal should be the least of your worries. If I was you, I'd look in to a new amp before even thinking of a distortion pedal.

Although, if you're set on a distortion pedal, I'd look into the Wampler Triple Wreck.
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Honestly, a distortion pedal will not not improve your tone at all. Save your cash and put it toward an amp fund.
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you should be able to get a passable dimebag tone that can tide you over until you get another amp
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