Went down to Guitar Center with a friend, tried out a lot of great gear. Whilst perusing* the MXR display I happened upon this trinket, which sounded great but didn't have a price tag. When I asked the guy behind the counter, he told me it was 30 bucks on sale, regular price 120 dollars.

Really wasn't any question of getting it or not.

It sounds awesome, played Sledgehammer by The Fall of Troy with it on and it gave me a lot more crunch and overall distortion. Gonna use it often and well. Great purchase.

*I love this word.
a very nice deal you goth there
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didn't know these existed...
it looks a lot like the mxr gt-od, is it the new version of it ?

Actually I just found out (seconds ago) that it's a GC Exclusive pedal with Distortion III electronics. Nonetheless, it's an awesome pedal.
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^oh well that's cool lol, you got a distortion III for cheap =)
hope you enjoy it, i love mxr pedals

Deffo not a GT. They haven't even touched that circuit since it came out. Shame, really, because there are some slight changes I'd like them to make...


HNPD! I rather enjoy the Dist. III. Is it like those Classic Distortions they had as a GC Exclusive?

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

One day I will make a NPD, and it will include the Metasonix Butt Probe. Or the Agonizer.

So bad sounding in the best way.

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?