"We never, ever do anything 'nice and easy'." -- Tina Turner

So the deal is, the language of flamenco is not your proper, high school/college class, Castillian Spanish. It's Andalusian (from Andaluz, go figure) the second most common form of Espaniol, but with enough differences to make itr important. I finished a foremally correct flamenco song. The lyris translate well to Castillian as well as reade nicewly in English.

But I want it to be *right*, you know?

Flamenco is the blues of old worlde music. You wouldn't do a Robert Johnson song
using shrt wrds lk u wr rtrng a txt mssg, wld u?
of the flamencish extraction, please do drop me a PM.
Nobody? Goodness. My son had studied Spanish in Mexico City so although he knew what I needed, he couldn't do it. But I come to find out he's got a Venezuelan girlfriend, and she can.

Then again, since Rodrigo got himself a wah wah pedal and uses it, maybe I don't have to stick so close to the standards. I'll try it with the lyrics as is, maybe at open mikes, and see what folks think.
I rarely post anymore, and you've piqued my interest, so firstly, congratulations.

I can't help you, but I can sympathize with the fact that I've got an electronic jazz track on a concept album I've been working on that needs a brief vocal section screamed in the East Ulster Irish dialect. I'm also eighteen and from Wisconsin, so you can't exactly kidnap a random guy from Inishowen, lock him in your bathroom for optimum reverbiness, and stick condenser mics up the ventilation duct to get the take.

Simply out of curiosity, if you do find a solution, could you follow up on this thread? Good luck!
well, i'm from méxico so i speak spanish (castellano, really.) dunno if i could help you out, pm if you want. there's also a uger from spain here, confusius. maybe he can offer more help.

also, i thought this was gonna be about Un Chien Andalou, haha.