I recently changed my string gauge from .09 to .010 and my fingers feel hurt and I feel a lot more resistance on the strings than with the other gauge. Is this normal?
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You are using thicker strings
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I'd say it's normal. Heavier strings have more tension and move a bit less freely. So yeah, it makes sense to feel more resistance on the strings. When you say your fingers hurt do you mean the tips like callouses or the muscles? If it's muscles, just stretch or do actual exercises to build hand strength if that's an issue. Contrary to belief, extra guitar work has no physiological basis for building actual muscular strength intrinsic to the hands and fingers.
How long have you been playing? It's not really that much of a jump but nevertheless just take it a little easier on the practicing for the next week or so. You'll get used to them before you know it.

Try not to think of them as much as being bigger because that may translate to you apply more pressure than needed as a reflex. Take your time making sure you aren't fretting too heavy or light. That may help a bit.

If the pain persists take a few days off of playing and practicing. And like the above poster mentioned about stretching. While you are at it, check the string height of the strings, the action may be set too high.

Good luck.
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I,been playing for about six years but I have always used this gauge. thanks
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