I want to load new pickups into my 7 string Schecter guitar. I am currently thinking about these two...
These will be a huge improvement over the STOCK (schecter diamond series, bleh) pickups i have currently loaded in my schecter. I use a POD X3 Live for my studio recording and am very happy with the tones i get. Though its nothing compared to an Axe-FX, and its compression really sucks, my budget didnt allow me to buy the Axe, and i can just run a different compression unit through the Loop. But i think the tones are very realistic, especially after playing with the EQ, cabinet and mic settings. But enough of that.
I want to know if after loading these new pickups, the sound will be different and really "do" wat the pickups say they can...
Or is the POD just too static?
Also, if anyone can give me tips on other pickups for Loomis/Petrucci prog metal type stuff. I dont need to recopy their tone, obviously, but i want something of the sort...
From what I've heard, X2N's are gross. Petrucci uses those new Crunchlab and LiquiFires. Loomis uses EMG's.

You'd be wise to check out the crunchlab as I hear it's been popular since it came out. Maybe head on over to Sevenstrin.org and see what they have to say in the pickups and electronics forum.
You would be surprised at what the pod x3 can do when compared to the axe fx.
first of all, dont mix active and passive pickups in the same guitar, it ends up with extremely akward wiring and drastic volume change between pickups. i'd get the crunch lab and liquifire, which are petrucci's signature pickups, and from what i've heard they're phenomenal

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Yes, ive heard about the crunch lab/liquifire combo on Dimarzio, but i want sort of like a much heavier bassy type tone like loomis (tighter bass, but pronouced and clear). Especially for that Low-B. Any ideas? Or shud i try 7string.org?