Ive read that he sometimes uses a fender twin reverb or delux reverb with his acoustic guitars.

Can anyone confirm this?

Ive also read that playing an acoustic through an electric dosent sound good but jacks acoustic tone is good.

maybe because the fender amps are so clean this works.
Nah. It's when you play an electric guitar through an acoustic amp that it sounds bad.
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if you're going for that perfectly clean and natural acoustic tone, no it wont sound "good" but there are other sounds you can get from the combo that could be considered "good" it just depends on what you're looking for.

i personally find it rather interesting to play my acoustic through my amp with a bit of drive to it to dirty up the tone just a bit, add some delay, and bust out the slide.
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Nah. It's when you play an electric guitar through an acoustic amp that it sounds bad.

Check out an amplifier by Rivera. It's called the Sedona. It does both equally well. Of course, it's designed that way. It's a 55-watt combo tube amp. I love mine.
thanks for the replies.

i just bought a 2009 am std strat and i want to get a 65 reissue delux reverb. some time down the line i wanna get a cole clark FL1, it would be good if i didnt need to get another amp for the acoustic.

but still if anyone does know if Jack Johnson uses the 65 delux or twin reverb on stage with his acoustics it would be good to know.
it just depends on how hard you are pushing it and what type of acoustic pickup you are using.
My piezo equipped hb sounds alright through most guitar amps.
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