So I've had my 7 string for a little under 2 years, all Ive realized all the bands I'm into, play 6 strings. So whenever I write, I try to "emulate" their sound onto the 7 string, but it's nowhere are easy as it sounds. I can never find the right tuning to play in. If I choose standard tuning, the riffs sound alright, but pretty cliche, and overall generic sounding. I tried tuning down half a step, but my riffs sound wayy to melodic, and aren't heavy sounding. I tune down another half step, so I'm in A standard(1 step down), and now everything is too muddy and sounds like crap because I'm tuned too low.

I play mainly thrash(Exodus, Testament, Kreator) with some death metal(Death, Dying Fetus, Cannibal Corpse) so when I usually write songs, I'm using the lowest string to pedal off of. This is typically the formula I follow for writing songs when I'm on a 6 string.

I tried getting into 7 string bands like Meshuggah, but I'm not really into the odd rhythms, as they don't really seem to grab my attention. I tried getting into stuff like Fear Factory/Divine Heresy, but the constant tremolo picking really bores me. I want to write some heavy stuff, but I'm just trouble coming up with riffs that are hard and heavy. Anyone have any suggestions? I would GREATLY appreciate any help I could get.
Try stuff that sounds heavy and plodding. Really let the sustain do its work. Kind of like For Whom the Bell Tolls.
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If I choose standard tuning, the riffs sound [...] generic [...]

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[...] so when I usually write songs, I'm using the lowest string to pedal off of.

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Carcass. Or really, any band that plays in B Standard on a 6 string. Take the sort of style and structure they have and transfer it down a string. I think the key for you would be to use the low notes sparingly. As in, don't write every song in B Minor :p
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Thanks for the suggestions.

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Guess I should have been more clear. When I write in B standard, alot of my riffs sound like Slipknot, and I am really really really not fond of that band. Sorry about not being clear.
Any tuning can sound heavy. Why don't you grab some ideas from bands you like and use that to help make your own riffs/style?

btw check out In Flames (C Standard/Drop Bb), Amon Amarth (B Standard, can easily replicate that on a 7 even though they use a dropped 6), or Pitch Black Forecast (7 string standard). You might like them idk.
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Pitch Black Forecast (7 string standard)

Just checked them out.

Oh man, they fit my style PERFECTLY. With the thrashy speed, and overall groove. I am buying their first album this instant.