So yea I'll post all my gear, I'm looking for pedals. I play mainly post hardcore/screamo music in my band and everything else in my free time. Any recomendations will be taken seriously. I'm also asking so I can broaden my gear. So distortions and effects are welcome
schecter s-1 elite
epi lespaul studio
dean razorback with dimebuckers

peavey xxl head
ibanez 412 cab

boss equalizer
boss metal zone
digitech death metal
try a big muff, they have a different texture than your high gain pedals, but you can get them to work into screamo music nicely. i use a telecaster and a big muff in a screamo band, and the other guitarist uses super high gain and it works together to make a cool sound. also, try some kind of chorus or phaser for leads, they can give some cool sounds.
I would highly recommend a BBE sonic maximizer. it kinda boosts the presence/resonance bands. i use one on my valve king setup. really wakes it up.
honestly, the boss metalcore is a WAAAYYYY better pedal than the metal zone. if you havent tryed one out, do so. i get really wicked tone out of it. a noise suppressor wouldnt be a bad idea as well.
I don't really understand surpressors to much, and idk I didn't like the metal core, justme tho, other people like it tho, which I would have bought but the metal zone was free