Lately people have been
making these noises out of their mouths,
these aiee, aaah, eeeiyh, oooogh noises
all pieced together to take all their thoughts and put them in a box,
express shipping straight to other people so they know what you mean
and what you're thinking and what you ate for dinner some
lonely night when the moon was orange and
there were clouds, the kind you can kinda see at night,
the wind blowing persistently tickling your bones and your veins,
it's these kinds of things you can let someone know,
these kinds of important things,
but I don't understand people
'cause when we sit there in a dark living room in a corner of
your house with your parent's friends partying and dancing to salsa
music and more drunk off the music and dancing than
the tequila, though it probably helps, but more drunk on
the word-noises and the noises that aren't words in the music mixing together
and floating around their heads,
and we just lightly laugh at their drunken fumblings and
I see your eyes and see that you're seeing my eyes and
you're seeing that I'm seeing what you're feeling,
and you feel the same way(I see that),
and I laugh. Were there a word,
I would contort my tongue and mouth
into any letter of the alphabet or the shape of any shape
to make that noise, I would,
but all I can do is laugh,
and you ask why I laughed and I say
Because it really is nothing, after all.
Nothing important has ever been said.
Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black
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As a part-time linguist, midway through my second Pinker book, and devotional like a preacher about interpretive semantics, I mostly loved this (the evolutionary psychologist in me shuddered a little at the end. Sorry, I can't help it). It was fun, a little warm, and profound without being overly worthy. That only part I didn't like was "Were there a word." Were there a word to/for what? I'm all for opaque phrasing when appropriate, but it didn't match the tone of the piece. For everything else though, great job.


Thanks man. I'll get back to you asap.
Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black