What's the difference? and does it relate to the maximum # of absences you can have before you get held back?

I've been absent for quite a lot of days and I didn't bother getting a lot of them excused..

so what's the maximum days anyway?
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It's pretty damned self-explanatory. Excused absences are exactly that, excused. Meaning you have a legitimate reason for not being there. I'm sure with that explanation you can figure out unexcused.

It's also usually 15 unexcused and you're done.
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it would vary from school to school i assume. you should probably go give reasons for your absences.
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I dunno. But I had like 29 days absents one year and I still graduated. So unless your school has some type of rule pertaining to absents, I wouldnt worry.

Unless your grades are suffering..see I skipped school alot, but I still made As and Bs all through, so it didnt effect me.

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At my school if you have 5 unexcused you get detention or something, but there's no limit on the number of excused you can have. I had over a month of excused absences last year and it didn't affect anything.
Depends on where you live, if youre in the US the state you are in, and the school you go to.
When I lived in Washington I was put on the Becca Bill.
The "Becca Bill" is a bill passed in 1995 that, among other things, sets the mandatory maximum of absences from school to 10 per semester. Students with more than 10 absences will result in a failing grade in the corresponding class.

I don't know if it is part of the law, or just most schools' policy, but 3 tardies equal an unexcused absence. Also, if the student arrives 10 minutes or more to class, it is considered an unexcused absence.

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so what's the maximum days anyway?
It varies from state to state, in the US.
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My high school was f**ked when it came to that. You get 6 absences, after that you get a NC on your grade, meaning no credit. Freshman year, I got mono, was horribly sick, 2 months out. I got doctors notes and everything.
School didn't care. Did nothing. Come my senior year this year I have no way to get enough credits thanks to their "No-retake policy".

I dropped out. Yeah. Some schools are tough on it, others are lenient.
I skipped school all the time, like, too many days to count, and I never got in trouble. My school was weird.
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On the note of truency, don't think you can always get away with it. They won't always tell you, but then come the end of the school year, they get you. You get no credit, you could possibly be arrested, and shit happens. It happened to two of my friends at my school. But maybe mines different. Cameron got over 50 absences, and no calls letters home anything. End of the year he gets arrested.