I've decided I'm sick of the stock Valveking, so I'm going to mod it. I've already ordered a Warehouse Veteran 30 as a speaker replacement, but I'm stumped when it comes to the tubes. I really don't know what's going to work well with this amp.

Bands with similar tones to the one i'm after (I don't necessarily like all these bands, but they're a good example for tone):

Green Day
Brand New
Say Anything
Blink 182
Fall Out Boy

So yeah, I'm after that basic pop-rock tone, maybe even a little heavier. I just want a nice clean, tight tone, as opposed to the muddy mess I get from the stock Valveking.
I already have an EQ and overdrive pedal etc, ordered a speaker, so I'm just focusing on the tubes. I know they don't make a HUGE difference, but I'd like to know what the general recommendation is.