First of all I'm left handed, so it's gonna limit me to about less than half of the variety out there....Around 30%

So I need a really good guitar and here are my specifications:

EMG or Seymour Duncan blackouts or livewires.....basically anything in the active pickup.

Preferably jumbo frets.

Preferably anything made by Gibson, Ibanez, Jackson, Schecter or PRS guitar.

22 or 24 frets.

6 string.

No floating bridges

Preferably Basswood or Alder body. basically anything but Agathis.

Rosewood fretboard

Basically, any left handed guitar that has emgs or active seymour duncans and is good at playing Killswitch engage, disturbed, slipknot - basically anything in drop c or drop b. Thanks

Price range - anything up to £800
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your really going to limit yourself looking for just active pickups, best bet would be to find a good guitar about £50 below your budget and once youve got it take out the current humbuckers and get a set of EMG's/Blackouts and sell the ones your guitar comes with.

as for guitars i must admit i normally just blank the lefty section but i know ibanez do a lot of guitars for you lefties and the ones in your price range are the prestige range and they are very nice guitars.

i think this fits your bill perfectly if you can stretch that little bit (im also a big fan of the style) http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/71678

also have a look on ebay leftys go very cheap.
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