Poll: Chicken Pox: Have you had it?
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65 76%
13 15%
Yes, more than once!
8 9%
Voters: 86.
Have you had it?

Anything you can remember in particular about it?

Just thought of creating this because a friend from work has been out for over a week due to chicken pox already.

I've had it. I caught it because my kid sister had it and my mom made it a point to put me and my bro together with our sister at that time so we could all have it at the same time and be done with it.
Yes, but I don't remember it.
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it left scars
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I got a similar thing from playing too much Pokemon.

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had it, remember being at my nans when i had it, that's it o.O
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isn't it impossible to get it more than once because it's viral?
I've had it twice, sucks, left quite afew scars, I can feel one inside my mouth, it goes ANYWHERE...
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isn't it impossible to get it more than once because it's viral?


It rarely happens though.
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I had it when I was 3. I don't remember much about it, except someone gave me this book which I still have:

My friend (who's 17) got chickenpox last year. It was on the inside of his eyelids
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Makes me wonder in what circumstance would people get it twice.

Also, I've heard that if you get it second time, it would be worse that the first time you had it.

I've had it twice and it wasn't all that bad the second time, a little bit more itchy perhaps, but not bad
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Never had it. Some how my sister and dad got it at the same time, and me and my mum never did.
I got vaccinated against it a year or two ago though.
No i've never had it even when 27 out of 30 children got it in my class. I must have some sort of immunity.
Twice, although the first time was mild.
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Never had it. Which is weird because I seem to get itchy every way apart from chicken pox , like from itchy grubs, etc. They can be 10 metres away from me and I still cop it.
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Oh, and it can be fatal if you're an adult.

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it left scars


and I got it twice! (seriously)
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Yeah, when I was two I think. But only very mildly, I only remember a couple of spots; and I have a very distant memory of going to the doctor over it, he was looking at my arm. Funny how that's the only memory of it.
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once when i was a kid.Cant remember anything about it
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I caught it when I was younger...Well, my brother caught it and my mother intentionally infected me with it so I would be immunized.
Had it when I was younger. Can't remember much about it, just taking a load of baths to 'ease' the itching.
I get a week off of school in November for national holidays, I had been planning to go to the beach and have fun but, I got chicken pox from a kid at school who decided to come to get his books before vacation and well, I got ****ed =(
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I thought it was near-impossible to get it more than once?
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