I did loads of research, played a whole load of amps, posted numerous threads on here, and I went to the guitar shop with my mind made up. I was going to buy a new Blackheart Little Giant and a TL2 distortion, which would have done me fine for my house and would have covered all the music styles I play. It would have been €350 for the amp and the pedal...

Then it turned out they hadn't got the BHLG in stock any more, but the shop owner convinced me to have a look at another amp, this one used.

So to cut a long story short, I just staggered up to my loft with a Peavey Triumph 60. Slightly more amp than I was planning on getting, and I didn't know anything about the amp when I walked into the shop, so it was a bit of a risk. But it plays brilliantly and is in good condition for something that must be 10-15 years old or so.

It's just so much more of an amp and so much more versatile than the BHLG that I didn't buy any pedals, and walked out of the shop with the amp for €300 including a new footswitch.

I figured I could sell the amp for near enough that if it didn't work out well in my noise-sensitive area, but even at low volumes it sounds great. I'm gonna play it for a few weeks and decide if I need an OD or EQ to help me out with some of the metal stuff, but it's such a versatile amp. Cleans are excellent too.
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and that's it. done buying stuff. probably.