I really short on money and I can't continue to going to a teacher. In my area, there are only a few guitar teacher (the best of them is teaching classical and jazz and he don't know anything about the electric). Maybe I'm continue to learn at him (I was at an another teacher but I ran out of money), but I'll ask him about playing solos and improvising, not to learn an another bossa nova song.

I strong at some technical skills and in music theory but my weak points are improvising (I don't know how to play a lead to a backing track), speed skills (I can play fast chromatically but nothing more), playing from ear (alrought I can tune a guitar in pitch). I'm going to borrow my father's headphone to play with metronome after I had gradulate in school.

So how do I start? I play progressive metal with strong groove metal influences and polyrhythmic riffs. My favourite guitarist are Jeff Loomis, Devin Townsend, John Petrucci (except his "down-up-down-up-down..." pharse), Adrian Smith/Dave Murray, Dimebag Darell, Paul Gilbert...
Try learning some theory, it will help your improvising and SO much else, and try to find some speed building exercises online
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To get better with improvising and get better speed when playing "non-chromatically", prectice your scales. Practice them by playing them in order, and in different orders. Also play your scales in different positions on the neck. That is the most important thing to learn if you want to be able to improvise fast and fluently.
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There are inexpensive DVD and online courses that cover everything you’re trying to learn for much less than the cost of a teacher. Metal Method sells some specialized DVDs that will help you with leads and speed. Most of the various internet video lesson sites have free trial lessons you can watch on YouTube. There’s also a lot of good DVDs on Netflix.