This is my first intrumental I've actually finished. All my others I've gotten bored with along the way and I surprisingly arranged this one quite quickly. I've written this with the idea of it being played live in mind so I've left the guitar tracks in as being a bit dodgy rather than spend time trying to lay them perfectly (they're out of time in a fair few places .etc). Also, try to look past the crappy string section, GarageBand is definitely no much for real life!

It's on my profile under the name 'Finished Instrumental'

There're still a few parts that have to be cleaned up such as a few bits and pieces regarding the strings but most of it is complete.

Oh, and C4C!
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kind of repetitive in the beginning at least. Like the string sound actually. When the song kicks in it really has a nice atmosphere. Overall I say just shorten the beginning or add more changes to the riff.

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I'm trying to ignore the recording quality in itself, seeing as you said it's mainly to be played live. Some parts don't seem to quite fit the song to me... like some of the strings before the drums come in. After they come in though, I like the new sense of energy the song has. It does seem to get repetitive, however. Also like the "leave you hanging" kind of ending, though some other people might not.

Also, Garageband has the capability of sounding much better than you're doing. In my thread, you asked what I used for strings, and that's actually all Garageband. You can message me if you want some tips on how to improve that.
Thanks for the comments, I'll definitely take them into consideration.

The only problem is that the violin sounds that come with GarageBand are sections where as I'm looking for individual violins and I can't find any decent free ones on the net =/
Ohh what? I was looking to buy that! Guess i'll just have to make do.

I'm going to try and cut a few bars the first half of the song around where the cello comes in, hopefully it'll help to keep it from dragging on.
The first section reminded me of a song on the Serial Experiments Lain soundtrack, with the lone guitar. And the fact that it is recorded slightly out of time gives it a certain emotional rawness, I think. I also thought this section was a good length, and was not repeatative at all.
The string section is ok-ish, though I thought the solo string instrument sounded quite nice. This song done with a decent strings VST would sound amazing.
Overall, excellent job. With a bit more work, it could sound even better.
Cheers for the crit on mine.
The song generally gives off a nice feel, but for being an instrumental, the first half is a bit boring. Just like, the chord changes are quite predictable, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but there could be just a little bit more going on to keep it interesting. I think if you added another guitar playing a few sustained high notes every now and then it would add just a bit more to it without being too overpowering if you get me. I can't think of an example right now but I hope you get what I mean. The strings stuff sounds quite good as well.

But overall, it's a nice song man, quite emotional hah.