I write songs for my band of which I'm the lead singer and rythym guitarist; however, I can't (Or very rarely) seem to find a chord progression I like as it always sounds much better in my head.....would somebody be able to give me pointers in how to write a decent rock rythym guitar riff?
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Well if you train your ear more you could identify the notes you hear in your head it will be easy for you to transcribe it to guitar/
Chord progression for rock arent that complicated,Use the pent scale or min/maj and think about one using the degrees of the scales,Add in some power chords and you have a chord progression,Most of them arent that complicated.
I'd say try to strum some chord while you sing and choose which suits better
Or Alternatively
You can get some help with music theory
thanks for the advice guys, put it all to work and got an amazing acoustic rock song. hoping that once the lyrics are fully written I might work shop it with the band =)
Sing the notes. Your voice is tied in to your inner ears and that makes your ear training more definite.
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thanks bro =)
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