Ok so i've been playing guitar for 8 years now, and just started playing bass in a hardcore/metal band, and am trying to get used to the differences.
My main question right now (since i cant think of the others and i need to get to class) has to do with the strings. We play in drop C, and the low E string sounds very very floppy when i play it. granted, im playing on a squire so im aware its gonna sound like shit either way, but id like to have it sound the best i can without buying a new bass.
ive fixed this problem on guitar by switching to a higher gauged set of strings. can this be done on bass too? if so, what kind of strings would you guys suggest for playing metal in drop c?

look forward to your answers, ill be back after class!
Yep, it'll definitely work the same with bass. If you're going to drop C, up the gauge to .110-.050 and it should be all fine. As for the kind of strings, brand is really up to you (I recommend Rotosound always), but definitely get roundwounds for the classic metal sound.
Like jazz_rock_feel said, get a higher gauge string. 5 and 6 string basses have a B under the E, so if you buy a pack of 5's (or individual strings, the gauges should be from around .065-.130 from high to low) you should be all set. Rotosounds are good, but I also like D'Addarios.
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If you slap a set of 5 strings on there without the G string, you should be good.
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Thanks guys! I figured it would be similar, but knowing specific guages helps me before spending money.
Ill see how this works :]
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For every step I drop, I step the gauge up .05.

E - .105
D - .110
C - .115

Just my personal rule of thumb.

This. I use .115 on my bass, sounds good in Drop C.
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Yea hfatter string will help but pay a tech $30 and have him/her go throguh the bass and set it up for that tuning. I play in a cover band and tunings are all over. I ahve multiple basses for each tuning. I use one for drop D and standard and another for C or B. If that bass is strictly C Id get it setup for that tuning youd be amazed how much better it sounds and plays.
If you slap the low four strings from a set of 5's on there, you may have to refile the nut to get the strings to fit. Your best bet is to simply get a set of 4's in a relatively heavy gauge (.110 or .115 should both work fine) and just play with those. Also, Squier's (with the exception of the affinity series) don't have as bad of a reputation in the bass community as with the guitar community. There are some gems out there that beat Fender's quality and the vintage modified and classic players series are excellent basses for the money. Just for the record.
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