Ok this thread is ONLY about distortion pedals. I don't want any amp / guitar / pickup recommendations here. I know a lot of people prefer built-in amp distortion, but I'm just being curious about what you guys think of pedals.

So what do you think is the best distortion pedal out there for high gain, crunchy metal tones? I'm not talking about overdrive pedals used as a boost to an amp's distortion, I'm talking about the tone of the pedal only!

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Metal muff, avoid the MT-2
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I alway's liked how my old DOD 250 Overdrive/Preamp sounded. I got it used 26 years ago and it still Rock's.

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Metal muff, avoid the MT-2

I presume you mean the BOSS MT-2? What is wrong with them? I've been considering one...
I like the BOSS MT-2 Metal Zone a lot for over-the-top, crunchmania distortion, but everybody here seems to hate it...o_o I've tried the Digitech Metal Master, the Aria Ultra Metal and the Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi, and the Metal Master didn't please me much, the Ultra Metal had no mid selector and sounded fairly muddy as a result IMO(metal crunch usually involves high treb/bass and low mids, so if I turned either of those up the mids were going up...=/) and the Muff was okay but I wouldn't say it was metal.
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I'm yet to find any boss distortion pedal that really sounds good. They are pretty mediocre imo. Out of all the distortion overdrives I've tried I've found tubescreamers to be the best. I use an ibanez TS9 and it is great, so warm. The maxon line is supposed to be good to. The TS808 is one of the best overdrive pedals you can get without buying a boutique tube driven pedal.
Digitech HardWire series pedals. TL-2 for modern heavy metal distortion and beyond, SC-2 for anything from light crunch up to more standard metal tones. There aren't any other pedals on the market that are built as solidly with the same versatile functionality as the Digitech HardWire series. Of course they do cost a fair bit more than your regular Digitech or BOSS pedals, but they're worth the extra money.
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MXR fullbore for sure, i didn't really like my metal muff at all( come to think i should take it out of my sig since i traded it for a jekyll and hide bout a week ago)
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It's subjective really. IMO the Rothwell Pedals sound great especially the Hellbender and Heartbreaker.
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i've been through tons of distortion pedals and overdrives over the years. the EH Metal Muff is the one that i like best. perhaps not the best pedal for death metal but for mor classic metal sounds it's hard to beat. i use a BBE AM 64 as an overdrive. it's supposed to be a distortion pedal but it is a little to polite for that in my book. as an overdrive though it's great and has a bass kick i haven't found in other overdrives.
I'm a fan of the MT-2 metal zone personally, but metalcore is sweet too.

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ML-2 Metalcore is a pretty nice pedal
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