Hey guys, Ive been searching around on the internet, and i cant seem to find a pcb for a fuzz factory at all. So yeah... Can you tell me where to get one, preferably in the UK. Also, what is perf board? cheerss
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Just make it on perf, anyway. It's a simple enough circuit.

Perf looks like this:

I'll do that thanks. Any ideas as to where i can get the parts from?
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banzaieffects.com should have most of the parts you need, if not all.

There are places that offer kits, like this one:
They need you to buy the enclosure yourself and drill it, though. Oh, and knobs.

Thanks man. Any ideas on how good they are and how close they are to the real thing?
I suppose its only about 20 quid, so i might aswell give it a try when i can get the money for it, some knobs and an enclosure. cheers for showing me