it loads really slow, other than it sounds pretty sweet, i like the fact the drums arent really typical drum patterns, well at least the first part of the song. get it finished!
yeah its nice i think the drums are really nice i would say there abit too loud though but finish it as the guy above staights
This is a MotherFxcking Invatation
thanks , yeah i'll tone down the drums a bit soon...im thinkin maybe add a solo and some harmonized parts too?
This kicks ass.

Yeah, just turn the guitar up! Solo would be killer, harmonies would also be sweet. As it is now though, I am digging the riffs, it is called Nova Prospekt, and I could totally imagine shooting some Combine right in the FACE while this was playing.
Pretty badass. It was a little repetitive with that one riff going on for a while. The intro was sweet and even the repetitive riff was cool. The tone really worked for me. It was just thick and heavy enough without getting muddy. I approve.

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that was sweeet as ballz.
i agree with everyone else, finish it, add a solo and harmonies and stuff,
and it is a bit repetitive at parts, but if you had harmonies, or vocals, or something, it wouldn't sound as repetitive.
i'm definitely looking forward to hearing it finished.

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That was crushing, I love it... really drove at all times, I really enjoyed the main riff (reference @ 2:06) that kept coming back. I'm looking forward to hearing more from you, awesome.

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:O Badass song dude. The riffs and drum patterns are mind-blowingly amazing. Adding harmonies and solos would make my ears jizz.

About the production, the guitar needs to be more upfront in the mix, not the drums. I guess it's more of a personal preference, but hearing EZdrummer's DFH on 80% of metal recordings with programmed drums tends to get annoying.

Good luck on getting it finished! =]
i got distracted and started writing a new song....maybe i can fit in some of these riffs
Aha, love the Half-Life 2 reference. The tones were brutal, maybe bring the bass up slightly. The drums sounded good, a Drumkit From Hell job? Sounds like it. Look into Superior Drummer and The Metal Foundry, they are much much better.

This is defianatly typical Prog Metal style, sounds quite Meshuggah-like imo, but with more straight foreward grooves which is what annoys me about Mesuggah in a way, but you seem to have grasped that.

i like the intro alot, definatly reminds me of the scenes in Nova Prospekt in the game. The riffs that enters afterwards works well but jesus, the riff after that is ****ing brutal, i think the only thing that lets it down is the slightly unnatural Kick sound, still a kick ass riff. i love the way it comes back at 1:27 but the Drum riff has changed, works well with the development of the song.

Overall, very good recording quality, performance and tones. My main complaint is the Drums, they are good for what they are but they don't compliment the quality of the guitars imo, look into Steven Slate Drums or Superior Drummer and The Metal Foundry. (The first is alot cheaper btw).

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Shit this is awesome. Some ball-crunching riffs here haha =D The one at 0:35 is ****ing sweet! Drums are a tad bit loud, but I guess you've already been served that part :P Never the less they sound great rhythm wise. The sound of your guitar is really cool too, heavy. I like it, keep making more!

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Great job! I thought it had a really nice groove to it. Very well played too, sounded great, for one take that was pretty much flawless. The guitar tone sounded awesome too. I agree with some of the other posters, hearing this with some more guitar layers would be killer. There is a lot of potential, and it seems like you have a good hold on what you're doing. Good luck with your new song!

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