i found this really awesome link with tons of scales but i'm having trouble reading it.


now, what does the 'patterns' option mean?

also, say i wanted to play the C Major scale. What do the yellow and orange circles on the frets mean? i know they're the individual notes but i'm not sure what the colors signify. i'd really appreciate some help
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That chart is showing you everywhere on a fretboard where you can find a note that is in the C Major scale. The orange circles are showing you the Tonic pitch (aka, C). The yellow ones are all other scale tones.

The patterns column just has the fretboard split up into different sections, which I assume is to aid memorization.
C is highlighted because it's root note. I'm kinda colorblind so i don't know what orange or yellow is but C is bit darker.

Patterns. Well you can choose if you want to start the scale on a ceratain fret, if the note on that fret belongs to that scale, if it doesn't it selects the next fret to start. 'bout the vertical, horizontal and shifted, you'll see yourself.
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-now, what does the 'patterns' option mean?

pick a number from the menu and it will give you your scale of choice around that fret. so for example, choosing an A minor pentatonic scale 5th pattern will give you the A minor pentatonic at the 5th fret, and you will see that this is probably the first scale you ever learnt. it's best if you choose an individual position for each scale so you're not looking at the entire scale across the neck at once.

-What do the yellow and orange circles on the frets mean?
the orange circles are the root notes in the scale, so in the Cmajor scale, all the orange notes will be the note C. the yellow notes are the rest of the notes that make up the rest of the scale.
wow thanks so much guys! i really appreciate all the help.
hold on to whatever you find, baby