How do they last longer, my guitar cables always go shitty in a month or so, because of my abuse. Any rules what i should do and not do with the cables?
Could be that your just using cheap cables. Invest in some decent cables with a good warranty and you won't have to worry about cable issues anymore.
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Spend a little more on your cables. I've found that DiMarzio cables with the fabric wrapping last a very long time, provide good sound and have a decent warrenty.

Monster cables are great, but unnecessary until you are semi pro.


Use those little velcro wraps to prevent suffling in storage and transportation.

Always clean the tips before and after use!

Wind them up using the factory coiling as a guide. Going against the facotry coiling can cuase pinching and binding, especially in lower quality cables.

Hope that helps
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^Too bad gold tips don't really do anything, and the plating wears off.

Unless I am incorrect I believe they simply give you a better connection - although it may not be a significant difference. Mine have never worn at all - I take very good care of my equipment though, after a year or two with the cables I have now they don't have so much as a scratch, and the tips still look polished.