So I made a quick trip to the guitar store to check out some effects and play around on some electrics but I came across this classical guitar for $100 and on a whim opted to buy it because it was on sale and the price would have gone back up the next day.

Anyhow I was planning on returning it because I already have a nice electric and a steel string. However it sounds very nice and i'm considering keeping it now.

Only I have never owned or played a guitar like this before, I can play typical rock stuff on my electric and acoustic but I've never tried playing any classical pieces (basically songs suited for this type of guitar).

I was wondering if any of you guys could recommend some simpler/easier pieces I could learn that would sound nice on a guitar like this?

Also are there any good websites or resources which teach techniques associated with this style of guitar playing?

Sorry for the many questions and any suggestions would be really much appreciated.

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You tube has a variety of classical videos to suit any level. This is something I would like to dabble a little more into(bought Yamaha C40 just for this reason). Probably best thing to do is take some lessons to avoid bad habits from forming right off the bat.
Currently I am working on Romanza by Anonimo, Greensleeves transcribed for classical, Andrew York's piece called Snowflight and also there is this cool little tune from X Japan called Forever Love that sounds pretty darn good on classical.
If you live in Canada I would recommend buying the Royal Conservatory Guitar series books. They start out easy but get harder, and cover music from the Renaissance up to modern times with all music specifically designed for being played on classical guitar. I don't know if there are equivalents to this in other countries but really I would go to a music store and buy instructional books, I'm sure you can find something specifically for classical guitar.