Hello there, this is my first time posting on the UG forums, and I am really enjoying many of the threads found here. But anyways...

I would love to know your opinions on the Seagull Guitar Company and their instruments.

I recently ordered a Seagull Entourage Rustic CW Acoustic-Electric with Quantum 1 Electronics and am eagerly awaiting it to arrive on my front door.

Just a bit of background, I've been playing guitar for about 11 years now, (I am 18) but in the past year, I quit playing for a while due to my high school senior year and my mixed martial arts matches. I listen to all kinds of music, but love playing folk and fingerstyle acoustic guitar. I also play electric, but that is more for my metal side.

However, I just found my old enthusiasm again for the guitar and having previously owned a Takimine Jumbo and a Gibson Hummingbird (A tragic accident occurred with my Gibson), I decided to order a new guitar, a Seagull.

From my previous knowledge, Seagull guitars are guitars that I hear much about, about how amazing they are, and how affordable they can be. I may be wrong, but all of their guitars are "hand-crafted" in a small village in Canada. Upon hearing this and doing many hours of research, I ordered the guitar previously mentioned above.

I was either going to buy a Seagull S6 Slim Acoustic-Electric, but upon more research, the Entourage Rustic CW seems to be the exact same guitar with a beautiful finish and a nifty cutaway. What would you guys have gone with?

I just wanted to get some input from owners of a Seagull, former owners, and people who have generally heard or played one.
So please post your thoughts! Anything and everything is appreciated! Thank you.
Ahh, thanks so much for the intelligent response! I certainly appreciate it!
Yes, the Rustic Burst finish is what sold me on the Entourage series. Also the fact that they have the S6 Slim neck, which is perfect for me.

I was debating between the Entourage and the S6 Original quite a lot actually, however, the CW Q1 got better reviews and Acoustic Guitar Player Gold. So naturally, I purchased that.

In response to the wear and tear, I am a mainly fingerstyle guitarist in the vein of Sam Beam of Iron and Wine, or even John Fahey, and I rarely flat pick. So I'm not too worried about damaging the finish.

As for the slim neck, how does that feel to you?
Also, forgive so many questions, but how is the bass response on your Entourage?
I watched your video (great cover of a great song, by the way) and I realize the video quality doesn't do the sound justice, so could you describe the overall sound? How it handles the lows, mids, and highs?
Well thanks so much man.
I greatly appreciate your time, effort, and wonderfully helpful answers.

(If you could, could you answer me this, in your experience, does a cutaway take away from the guitar's tone? I've always owned full dreadnoughts, but the Entourage CW has a cutaway, and I assume that while it may not take 'away' from the tone, it may not be the same as on yours or an S6. I've asked expert luthiers and most of them have a consensus that there is very little to no difference in tone at all due to the careful shape of most cutaways, they say that it resonates the same, albeit in different direction)

I'm sure we'll be seeing more of each other on these forums.
Thanks again, brother.

Anyone else have any opinions on Seagulls?
I just recently ordered the Seagull Maritime SWS, and it should be arriving here soon! I went to Guitar Center and "played" the Seagull Maritime SWS cutaway version, and I thought it sounded great, and the guy who was helping me was totally in love with that guitar! He barely wanted to let me play it for myself! I did tons of research before I bought my Seagull, and I'm pretty sure I made the right choice!
i've found godin to be very responsive to emails, and their guitars are well made, with tight joints, good hardware, and nice finishes. while the specs on the entourage and the original s6 sound the same, in person i find there is a little difference. i love the original and slim s6, which are basically the same guitar, but honestly i've never played a seagull i didn't love from the entourage mini jumbo to the coastline cedar grand.
Quote by RobinTrower12
I own a Seagull S-6 Cedar Slim. I think it's great considering I payed less than $500 for it!

Awesome, that's the one I was going to buy before I decided on my Seagull Entourage S6 CW Q1. Pretty much the same guitar other than the finish and the cutaway.

What are your thoughts on it?
Congrats on your new Seagull. I am sure you will love it. There seems to be a lot of love for Godin family among guitar players. I own two myself, have mini jumbo entourage series and coastline S12. 12stringer I am keeping stock as it plays like butter and sounds real nice. I picked it up for a song. On my mini jumbo I had bone saddle made and lowered action on the nut, now she plays perfect and has much more presence soundwise. Up until this year I have never even heard of the company, but now I am believer. Great sounding inexpensive guitars.

I have been playing since 1996 and own 5 acoustics at this time. Rest of the family:
1996 Ibanez PF5
Yamaha C40
Yamaha FG730S
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Awesome man! Mine should be here fairly soon, ordered from Musiciansfriend.com!
I'm so stoked!

I Just got back from a 3600km roadtrip to go guitar shopping (I live in BFE) and tried a number of guitars. Like you I had heard nothing but good stuff about seagulls from a variety of sources and was looking forward to trying them.

When I got there I tried a Takamine slimline cutaway that was merely ok, a couple of really crappy unplayable guitars, and an S6 of some sort (didn't pay attention to which model, no cutaway and had the Q1 system). It was an excellent guitar. Good action, nice nuanced sound, really well constructed, and PRETTY. I didn't end up buying it because the neck was a little thick for my liking (more analogous to a gibson electric neck than a strat neck), and the sound was a little dark for my taste. I like a well balanced tone that doesn't really emphasize either end of the spectrum but has a slight bright tinge to it. I found the S6 to be darker, with a low end that was pronounced and nuanced and a high end that was a clean but lacked subtly imho. I did not purchase it because it was not quite what I was looking for in terms of sound, but I have zero complaints and would strongly encourage people to look at them.

I did by this guitar though: http://www.artandlutherieguitars.com/dreadcedarantbstleft.html

Art and Lutrie is owned by the same parent company that owns seagull. It was clear playing them side by side that the two guitars shared the same standard of wood, construction, and quality.
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Awesome, thanks for the very detailed description!
Yeah, I heard that Art and Lutherie were great too!
I understand about the tonal signature of the S6.
I figure that since it's a cedar top, it has a darker, richer sound as opposed to the bright mid and treble range of more traditional spruce, it's more suited for a fingerpicking/fingerstyle playing style, which is perfect for me.
Congrats on the new guitar man! May it bless you with years of playing and performing pleasure!
I know this is fairly irrelevant, but I F***ing love the headstock of Seagull Guitars.
I really wished Art & Lutherie guitars came in all solid wood I find them to be so unique looking!
See, this is my deal with solid wood acoustics. I realize they have a richer and fuller timbre most of the time, however, FOR ME, I can't justify paying an extra 500 - 1000 dollars for a guitar with a solid back and sides. Especially with Taylors, the 100 and 200 series use Sapele and Indian Rosewood laminate, however, they sound beautiful, but when I play a 714, yes, it does sound better, but as a freshman in college, I simply don't have the money to spend on it.

With Seagulls, other than the upper end models (Maritime and Artist), they use a three layer laminate, which to me is very reasonable, because it's not pressboard. And they sound beautiful either way.

But later on in life, I am definitely buying a full solid body.
But as an 18 year old, I'll stick with a reasonably priced and high quality guitar.
Yes, that's how I understand it as well.

That's amazing, I never heard of that Taylor Pallet guitar, but that's quite an idea, one that's very interesting to me. I wonder what it sounds like!

Yeah, I totally understand what you're saying

It's more about the player, not the instrument being played.
Quote by erwin_murillo

It's more about the player, not the instrument being played.

This is as true as it gets. I've seen this scenario hundreds of times, where a not-so-great player has a D-28 and a great player has a crappy all Laminate Ibanez acoustic. You forget all about the guitar once the show/playing starts and the not-so-great player sounds, well, not-so-great and the great player captivates everyone. It's all personal preference and the choices available today compared to 20 years ago when I started is leaps and bounds better. And if you want an all wood quality acoustic, ,get a Blueridge, if money is an issue, they're really every bit as good as a Martin. Don't get me wrong I like decent guitars, I have a Alveraz Yari, a Martin DM, a D-18, 00-15, and a Seagull Mini Jumbo Entourage. I love the Entourage, and all my acoustics, not one more than the other. I do find however, that a guitar that feels and sounds great to my ears is very inspiring and makes a huge difference in how well I write and perform songs.
Hey guys, my Seagull came in today and after 2 hours of continuous playing I have to say that this is quite possibly one of the best guitars I have ever laid my fingers upon. I've played Martins and Taylors all upwards of 3000 dollars, and sure they have some pros over the Seagull, but the fact that I paid less than 500 or 600 dollars for it and how it sounds so good is amazing.

I'm not saying that it's good for the price. I'm saying it's a great guitar PERIOD. No matter the price. I would gladly pay 200 - 300 dollars more for this guitar.

The slim neck is perfect for me, the fretboard feels slick and responsive, the resonance and overall tone is warm, dark, but with subtle hints of clear brightness, the finish and appearance is beautiful, and the overall playability is just astounding. Freaking stoked for this guitar, guys.

Sure, you might think I'm in the honeymoon phase, but I know this one's a keeper. I'll keep you updated on anything you want to know : )
I've had mine for a little over a week and am having a blast playing it. If you ever get in a rut buy a new guitar. Unfortunately my work suffers because I just want ot go home and play it!
I haven't. I heard that Seagulls come with high action, but mine did not. I got the maritime folk model so maybe set them up differently at the factory.
Thanks for the response! I think either my action is high or I need to change the strings that came with it. It's not too difficult to play, but I feel it could be a lot easier.
I changed the strings ASAP on mine. I did not like the ones it came with at all. I put on Martin Silk and Steels.
I'd just like to point out that there are two pages here of well thought out posts supported by reason and experience about these guitars. There isn't a bad word spoken about them. The one person who tried and didn't like it thought it was a good guitar but didn't fit their style.

THAT my friends is reputation....

HNAGD dude!
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Guitar #1: 1997 Fender MIM Strat
Guitar #2: 2007 Epi SG (G-310)

Effects: Roland DS-1 Distortion (for switching in distortion quickly, NOT cause I want a "l33t brootalz tonz!")
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Quote by BMGfan
I'd just like to point out that there are two pages here of well thought out posts supported by reason and experience about these guitars. There isn't a bad word spoken about them. The one person who tried and didn't like it thought it was a good guitar but didn't fit their style.

THAT my friends is reputation....

HNAGD dude!

This is too true man. I have YET to hear a bad thing about these guitars. This thread probably just cost me $500, but I think it'll be worth it. I can't wait to hit up guitar center lol.
I'm glad this thread is helping people out interms of guitar choice and overall intellegent conversation and responses. Good stuff. And thanks great replies as well.

Surprisingly, my Seagull came in with perfect action and intonation. Mine came with a checksheet and signatures of every worker that inspected the guitar and even came with a handwritten note that said "Treat this guitar like you would your little sibling and it will reward you with a lifetime of music" Sorta cool.

It sounds great played through an amp as well. Not too bright and trebly, just the right amount of the whole EQ range.

If anyone has any questions pertaining to my Seagull, feel free to ask away.
This guitar has inspired me. I'll have to get back to recording again!
Thanks obeythepenguin! Love your posts! I'm kinda nervous about getting the saddle adjusted, so I'm going to change the strings first and see how that feels. After a month I'll make a final assessment and take it from there. I love the signatures that Godin provides! Such a thoughtful, personal touch!
LibraHarmony, if you're nervous about a set up, why not try lighter strings on your guitar - or silk and steels? but a set up can work wonders. i suggest you don't have your current saddle adjusted. have a new one adjusted. then if you're not happy, you still have the original.

btw, i did have my s6 set up when i got it - nut and saddle. made it wonderfully playable
I just bought a Seagull today, and then I came here and saw this thread lol, I'm not sure what model I picked up I just liked how it sounded, it was about 300 bucks, I really like it so far.
my step dad has a Seagull 12 string. Its an oldy i think. Made of ceder i believe, its a beauty! and it sounds incredible. Best 12 iv ever played. Oddly though, its the first seagull iv ever really liked. I find the necks too wide for my comfort. But the width works well for 12 strings since they are wider anyway
Yeah, I've noticed most of the people I know that have Seagulls either really like the necks or don't. Due to the unconventional width.

My Seagull has their slim neck, and I love it to death.