I've been listening to (and playing) a lot of stuff by pat the bunny- when he was playing as jhonny hobo and as the wingnut dishwashers union- and I just love the one man one guitar style of playing. I guess he is considered a folk/punk artist but when ever I ask in the punk forum I get a lot of other folk punk BANDS. I mean bands with like 4-5 guys and its really not what im looking for.

Tl;dr acoustic solo acts that aren't flashy. just chord and sing for the most part and aren't great vocalists (cuz im not either.)
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oh and one more thing I should have added in the OP. I like really negative lyrics. Like hate and sorrow and the like.
no sir away a papaya war is on
Jack Johnson is definitely good to look at. His more recent stuff has taken on a bit more of an electric folk rock sound, but his early stuff is just him and an acoustic for the most part. Very, VERY relaxing music to play as well.

However, his lyrics definitely trend toward love and such. Although songs like Taylor (about a teenage prostitute/cheating boyfriend or husband) and Sitting Waiting Wishing (seems like a breakup song) have a bit more of a negative vibe.
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Iknow a couple violent femmes tunes, but most of there songs don't sound good without bass and drums.

mojo nixon is in the same boat, from what I listened to him I couldn't imagine pulling off any of those songs solo

tommy emmanuel isthe exact opposite of what I want. "solo acts that aren't flashy. just chord and sing for the most part"
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Frank Turner
Tim Barry

right up your alley.
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How about the "Suggest Me a Song" sticky? Seriously, there's a reason those stickies exist.
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Frank Turner
Tim Barry

right up your alley.

**** yes, Frank Turner.

Also, Andrew Jackson Jihad could be what you're looking for, as well as some Bright Eyes, Kevin Devine, Sam Russo (he's got a lot of stuff on his Last.fm, that you could figure out), acoustic Streelight Manifesto and Catch 22 would work as well.

For more dark acoustic songs, you could check out Elliot Smith, City and Colour and some Decemberists songs (Eli the Barrow Boy, Summer Song, Rise to Me etc)

Hope that helped