In the attached picture i have the volume pot (500k) set up to switch the two humbuckers to single coils. The wiring colors of those humbuckers are seymour duncan code. where would i put the 500k resistors to switch the 500k pot to 250k when the coil cut is on? any help is much appreciated.
^you don't want that jump wire between the lugs on the switch. You hook the red and white the the middle lug and the lug nearest the pot is grounded. Your switch will add the jump when you need it.

Don't add the 500K resistor because it'll mess up your taper. If you want to switch to a 250K value then you need to add another push pull pot but it's not worth it. If it too bright in single coil mode just turn down your tone pot a little.
This belongs in the guitar wiring thread.
You can find it by using the GB&C Essential Links, stickied to the top of this forum.
But don't bother posting there. With the switches you have, it can't be done.
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