I commute by car for 2 hours/day twice a week. I try singing along to the radio but it's tough to find songs in my range. Any suggestion for a CD that has nothing but exercises to improve my ear training and other things?
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What I try to do is sing a song thats way out of my range.
Although I don't know if this is good and I just began singing. I have a extremely deep voice and I try singing stuff like "Run to the hills" and my voice cracks really bad when he hits the really high notes. Idk if thats good or bad for your voice, I should probably find out.
what i been doing for the past few days since im a beginner i got the brett mannings singing course thing and he has a bunch of cds around 12

one cd that explains terminology of singing the other that explains the common problems singers have and the other cd im on right now has exercises like the lip roll humming on a 5 tone scale and things like that and is pretty good i do the lip roll and after i try to sing after my voice feels more relaxed and clearer and also has more projection. you could try checking that out
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roger love also has cd and book for what your looking for. Go to amazon and type in vocal training
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