Evening all, thought I'd post this here as the Pit put it on 3rd page in ten minutes, should've known.

I could still very much use the help though. Been a while since I checked in here but seems I've something that might be worthwhile to make a thread about.

Worthwhile, in the sense that it's going to make me money. I managed to get myself a paidgig that's going to last for a good 5 hours at least. Now, the first part is where they want me to play flamenco, jazz, classical, and whatever I feel would suit best.

This is not what I'm concerned about, and I think I've enough material here to fill that amount of time. I have my doubts if they have even the slightest idea what flamenco really is but that's besides the point, I'm going to play and they're going to like it, so there.

What I am concerned about, is the other 1 or 2 hours I have to fill, these are mainly 60's, 70's and 80's music. And - I - don't - sing. At all. I'm serious here, I have to amuse them and not scare them away, I've not sung seriously for nearly two decades and getting paid for playing guitar is something I'm not keen on screwing up. Teaching it is fun, this is even better.

Now, I can't nearly find enough material that is easy to listen to but won't get boring. Seeing as how a lot of better known music is more of the easy but boring without vocals stuff, I'm in a bit of a pinch here.

So, long story short, help me get some interesting stuff. And by that I mean stuff like this, http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs.../amulet_tab.htm

Most are well known things and a little more interesting than three-chord-crybaby combinations.

Thanks in advance, cheers.
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Oh boy, that is a tough category to find good instrumental solo guitar music in!

You could perhaps try a song like Lenny by Stevie Ray Vaughan. Not sure if it would sound ok without drums and bass though... also, Little Wing perhaps? You'd probably have to do a lot of your own arranging to make that sound ok as just a solo guitar.

Also, Palm Trees and Helicopters by Joe Bonamassa is a pretty awesome instrumental.

That's all I can think of for now, good luck!
Thing sounds good, though the alternate tuning is going to make it a bit troublesome to pull off. With a set like that I'm not keen on changing the entire tuning for one song. I have however found some other stuff from him that could be useful, so thanks for that.

Any other ideas?
Wise Man Says: The guitar is obviously female, she's got hips, breasts... and a hole.
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Ablot of Beatles tunes are easily recognizable with our without vocals just because the melodies are so well known. You could do your own arangements