Its pretty much done there need to be
tweeks here and there but overall im happy with the result.

please share your opinions with me tell what needs to
be fixed and what could i do to better this song besides
the obviuosness that it needs vocals

songs entitled
Untitled Awesomeness i know
i need a name ok i couldnt think of one
This is a MotherFxcking Invatation
I'm not entirely sure, but are there some clipping happening at 1:11? or is it just my headphones?
Oh well, I don't know.

As Ghrim said, some leads could really make this stand much taller, but as you said this beast badly needs some lyrics
It has a nice, slow, headbangable feel throughout, without getting boring. The drums are well done, not just the usual 4/4 rock beat with variations. I especially like the tom beats, like the one from 1:55 and onwards.

As for the mix, it's good but I'd want to hear the drums a wee bit more, especially the snare. Also the snare could be a bit nastier, meaner, but that's very personal, I know
Couldn't really find something else to argue with.

I could write more, probably will, but as of now it's 0:30am here and I have to be at school in 10 hours so I have to go to sleep now.

But this is good shit man! There's definitely potential to turn out to something really awesome!
(it's kind of awesome as it is, not really that much. yet. )

By the way, care to do a little quick crit at my piece?


EDIT; sorry I gave you the wrong link <.<
You like it
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