Oh well, not much to add
I think this would would be classed as some kind of funk but I don't know, if you feel I need to correct my definitions on the genre then please correct me


This is in my opinion the best song I've ever written,had the concept in my head for a good year or to before I got arsed to write it, and then it took about ten minutes from when I actually began writing it.

Also the recording is also really lightweight, I think I settled on 11 tracks on the last exportation
C4C, of course
You like it
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random: I like how you say asparagus as "ass-spor-eh-guss"

Anyway, I really like the vibe of this song. Always good to hear someone else who whistles durning songs, and the "why must we die" was funny. The intro is spot on perfect for this type of song, and you do a good job of keeping the listener interested. The vocals are really my only sticking point, but I feel like a jerk for saying that, because English probably isn't your first language. They're in key for the most part, but just have this weird feel to them that's really different. However, now that I listen to it again, they're growing on me, so who knows?


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