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I've always been a fan of old school stuff like Cream, Hendrix, Pink Floyd, early Scorpions and all that 80s extreme metal aswell.

And since i play guitar and been a music enthusiast so hard, i always had the pression and the desire to make music myself or a band that plays quality music. However, it has been really hard to come up with something original and not done already countless times. I know good ol' hard rock will alwats be good but back then it was the new thing. In the 60s\70s rock was popular and cool. 80s underground was made of METAL. These days it doesn't happen. So maybe it's time i think what could be done new.

what do you think will be the most popular underground genre in the upcomming decade? i would say stoner but it has been going since the 90s and it's saturated already.

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probably some shitty dance-rock crossover. fifteen year olds lap that 'crazy' shit up.
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I think it Should be something like classic rock and metal mix.

But I think AH has it right.
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Dixieland Jazz. Every little boy in America is gonna want a tenor banjo for Christmas.