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4 20%
12 60%
3 15%
1 5%
Voters: 20.
Hey, guys. I know its a little late to ask, but I just wanted to know your opinnions on this deal. I won a bid on an Ibanez Rg320 QS for $225 with free shipping, straplocks, and a gig bag. The Ibanez has seymore duncans in place of the stock pups. Its not going to change my mind wheather I like the guitar or not, but Id like to know your oppinions. Is this a good deal for rock and metal playing?
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I know nothing of ibanez guitars cause frankly I don't like them... But that sounds a pretty good deal to me with seymours and strap locks, go for it
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I will maby replace the neck it later on, but I hope it will hold me for now.