heres my plan, I need a pedal that will distort my signal but allow an unchanged clean signal to go through as well so I can run my acoustic along side distorted guitar sounds. I really want it to sound like there are two separate guitars playing.

is there anything like this or am I gonna have to make a blend pedal
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Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive mixes OD w/ clean boost.

Opps: didn't notice that you want to run 2 guitars at once.
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Use a A/B pedal and two amps and you're set.
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Hold on, I'm confused. Do you want to use one guitar to make it sound like two or do you want to use 2 guitars on one amp?
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He wants to use 1 guitar, with a pedal that will output his clean signal AND his distorted signal at the same time.

It won't sound like 2 distinct guitars though, because they're coming out of the same amp/location. The sounds will blend/mix.
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There is the TC electronis vintage tube primer that could do that but it's discontinued
this is my plan for all who are confused

acoustic --> dist w/blend-->amp

edit: the voodoo lab is the right idea, but I wasa looking for something better suited for punk as all the demos I have seen are really light OD and very bluesy.
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