I'm the new kid in school. Only been at my current High School for 1 semester but in that time have gotten to know a lot of fellow guitarists, bassist, etc that are into the same music as me.

There's a 'battle opf the bands' thing coming up in my new town (nothing serious, just a friendly competition between tenage bands) but I wouldn't mind articipating.

Talked to my buddy about it today and he says that he won't do it unless I can find a drummer, vocalist and possibly anotehr guitarist (He plays bas I do electric)

He says he knows a drummer between bands right now and a I know someone who can sing...so on paper we're good. But I think there's still a long way to go...

1: The competitions on the 18, assuming it's formed tomorrow that only leaves us with under 3 weeks to get an act together.

2: Aside from Zack (bass player) I haven't really talked to any of the other guys...what's a good way to aproach someone your interested in forming a band with without comingo n too strong, desperate or creepy?

3: Considering it's only 3 weeks away would we be better off trying to do our own song or a cover?

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Well, the way i see it, the battle of the bands, has given you a decent reason to talk to them about it - just keep it casual, suggest getting together to play BotB, and see where it goes from there - don't make it sound like too heavy a commitment just now
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2: what's a good way to aproach someone your interested in forming a band with without comingo n too strong, desperate or creepy?


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i suggest u get a cover down fast, and then work on an original, and pick the better one
Covers are always a good bet during audience judged botb's. If you want to recruit people quickly, just lay out the facts, ya got a show coming up, you want them to perform if they're interested. Most people that age might shy away when ya put a quick timeline on em like that though.. If ya can't get them to do it though, acoustic is always one way to go. That's what I did at the last botb I played in & it was pretty well received even though it was fixed from the beginning. (the popular kid blew but still won anyways)
Thanks for your replies everyone. I think I have the idea now. But before I log out I have 1 more question.

Can a band be good if it can't get a drummer?

I only ask because aside from the guy Zach knows the only other drummer in our school (to my knowledge atleast) is currently in his own band. And if I can only get the singer and Zach then I want to know we'll atkleast be able to still sound good
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Well Zach can stand in if this is only a one song thing, just explain it's temporary and just for that gig. If he's cool he'll fill in.

You should get a drummer and a bassist for the band, they are what will give the songs momentum.

And to approach someone about being in the band, just go up to them and say "I'm putting a band together for this battle of the bands thing coming up, I heard you play x. Would you be interested in joining us?".
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.