Hey everyone. I'm thinking of getting the JamVox as a practice amp, but I'm not sure of the computer specifications (not very good with computers xD).
Does anyone know if my laptop meets the spec?

Jamvox Specification
* CPU: Intel Pentium4 2.0GHz or faster
* RAM: 1GB or larger
* Display: 1,024 x 768 � 16 bit colors or higher
* OS: Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista SP1(32-bit) or later
* Vista 64-bit is supported by JamVox Ver1.10

My Laptop Specification
Manufacturer: Fujitsu Siemens Computers
Processor: Genuine Intel® CPU T2080 @1.73GHz 1.73GHz
Memory (RAM): 1.00GB
System Type: 32-Bit Operating system
it might scrape by. you barely have enough memory and your clock speed is a little under par.

you can try it.
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That's what I thought about the memory...
My computers a little slow as it is, so I'd have to delete a lot of stuff of here...
I'm not sure if I should risk it though...