(suggestive I know...)

I did a good bit of searching before coming here, but I can't seem to find any threads on this atm:

I'm currently trying to find some bands that formed on and/or after 2000 that don't suck piggy parts...

[You can probably skip this part, as it can be considered flame-baiting by some.

The following part was born out of the frustraition of past suggestions that didn't pan out and not having found anything on my own... jfyi:]

I'm tired of hearing all this black-haired emo, electronica, scream/growl/yell/gutteral/BRUTALLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!! metal thing that's going around... at one point I was tolerant of it and even looking for good bands within that. I give up on that atm though.

[continue reading from this point]

I want to hear music from bands that have an original take on that thing that a lot of the good classic rock bands managed to form... bands that while talented, also manage to not go for the money. Bands that actually have the balls to say no to going with the flow, that actually can make a solid piece of music and then actually have the chops to play it live and improv with it.

And by good classic rock bands I'm talking along the lines of bands like:

Led Zeppelin
The Eagles
The Marshal Tucker Band
Lynyrd Skynyrd
The Pink Floyd Sound Experience (now known as Pink Floyd, lol)
and many others that I can't think of their names atm.

I can't be the only one that wants to hear a modern band with the balls to not do what record companies want, am I? lol.

I'm just looking for some suggestions.

I don't think I can be more specific than this can I?

[considered flame-baiting]

And I DO NOT MEAN bands like JET!!!! They are worth a listen, but just another copy cat band really... as ok as they are.

Call me closed minded, elitist, or whatever... flame me all you want. I don't give a flying pig's arse! I'll just skip the bullocks posts.

[/considered flame-baiting]
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Quote by ChucklesMginty
Porcupine Tree.
The White Stripes.
Airborne Toxic Event.
Rocco Deluca.

Most of those didn't form this century but are still active.

I would go ahead and mention The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather,since everything Jack White has done with these two side projects is awesome.
And Arctic Monkeys,Air Traffic,Beirut,Black Mountain,Dr Dog,Minus The Bear, and Norah Jones.
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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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hmm well i agree with you, i haven't heard a single good and inovative metal / rock band that started after 2000.. all the good bands started in like between 1970-1995 .. after that, only shit came.. but if you are up for some prog rock'ish thing (old good ones) i surgest; kansas, rush, king crimson, dream theater, symphony x, porcupice tree, opeth, big elf ..
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TS - You listed some decent bands from the 70s an 80s - my kind of music, too. After 2000, I think it's mostly garbage. Wish I could help you by pointing out some "decent" bands after 2k, but I can't.
That's the thing, I'm looking for something from this side of the double O's.

I love Kansas and Dream Theater and what not... but that's pre-'00.

It seems the last of the great bands that I've seen so far are ones like Pearl Jam, Jane's Addition, RHCP, etc... and that's 80's/90's...

And yes, I happen to live under a rock in the middle of nowhere (a cinder-block house in Anderson SC)

Don't get me wrong, I'm just tired of the same old same old....

And I don't think that all modern music is all gutteral and/or poppy bs... I know there has to be "better" out there.

What I'm saying is I haven't come across what I'm looking for myself in any searching yet.

Every time I turn on the satilite radio stations that come with my neighbor/uncle's Direct TV or local FM/FM2 radio stations it is nothing but the standard "gutteral" metal thing (not necessarily "bad", Corporate shills, and other stuff that can be crap.... or I'll hear the great classics. But I haven't heard a single modern band (post 2k) so far that is worth taking a shit too, much less making you shit your britches .
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Down (really formed in mid-ninties but mainly part of this decade)
The Coral (Beatles-ish I like them personally)
Black Tide (reminiscent of 80's thrash)
John Butler Trio (alternative pop-rock but def worth listening to if you are looking for new bands, really talented)
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Chuck!, you miss my point entirely.

I'm trying to find, and thus support, bands of this era (lol)... and bands that aren't like everyone else out there. and thanks for the suggestions so far... I got some research to do on this dino 56k modem going 2.3kbps lol. (yes K NOT M or G)
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The Mars Volta
Franz Ferdinand
Them Crooked Vultures
The White Stripes
The Raconteurs

Just look around... There are a lot more bands out there.