Jackson DK2M, not 100% sure I want to sell yet but want to listen to any potential offers. The guitar is in black, comes equipped with a Seymour Duncan Invader in the bridge and set up to Drop C currently, so very much a metal guitar.

It's in perfect condition apart from a small dent on the bottom (hardly noticeable) will put pictures up soon. These sell new for around £440 quid in the UK, and with the SD Invader in may be worth a bit more.

Will listen to any reasonable cash offers, and as for trades there are LOTS of things I want. I'll make a list here of some ideas.

Guitar with floating trem suited for hard rock
Singular effects pedals (chorus, flange, tuner, noise reduction)
A multi stompbox modeller (Line 6 M13?)
Some newish Xbox 360 games
Quality amp cabs (4x12 or 2x12)
Quality camcorder

i got a ibanez jem 7dbk steve vai sig. 6 string guitar that maybe if your interested could make a deal with. let me know what ya think. thanks!
Trivium Rocks!!!
looks a nice guitar but not sure it's quite what i'm after. Looks like you're based in the US which would be a problem because of prices of postage/customs. Thanks for the interest though