I have a MIM P-Bass (2006? It has a 60th anniversary logo on the back of the headstock) for 3 years and an Acoustic B100 that I've had for about a year and a half. The problem is that the setup I have is way too bright and top-heavy, and I want to have a less agressive tone, but still be noticed. Sort of a felt-not-heard type of thing. How can I do this without just turning into thunder? More like a Stefan Lessard type of tone, rather than, say, Flea.

Also, and this is probably related, the output jack on my bass has some issues. When the screws on the pickguard are nice and snug (as they should be), it cuts some of the top end and becomes muffled. In other words, if there is pressure on the jack, there is a loss of the top end.

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roll off the tone slightly.

Flatwound strings would probably help too.
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