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Yes, I believe there is a God
8 29%
No, I don't believe there is a God
11 39%
There is no way to be sure/Agnostic
9 32%
Voters: 28.
Yeah, and he has a great sense of humor.

I actually believe in God, but I believe in him as an idea and not as an actually being. Much like how Santa Claus is Christmas spirit and how you can only see him if you believe in him.
I believe there is one kinda, but without having anything to do with religion.

After all, how did the creation of this world happen? Even the most reputed scientists like Stephen Hawking believes that there's a god.

But at the end, there's no proof of anything, but we can't prove it wrong too. So I'll say that there's no way to be sure yet.
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I believe there is definitely some sort of higher power that we don't understand. That being said, I don't believe the Bible is 100% fact or anything like that, and as such it shouldn't be taken literally. In other words, I believe there is a God, though He/it may not be exactly the same God that many people think about.
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good luck fitting a poll in a single post. Why can creationism v evolution have a thread, but I can't?

You are talking as if I'm the one trying to make this poll. Also god = religion IMO
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We're never gonna truly know while we're alive, so I see no point in wasting the little time we have dwelling on it, don't waste your life thinking about death.
1) Agnostic

2) I hope that none of those I'm-atheist-because-I'm-smart-and-everyone-who-believes-in-God-is-a-complete-idiot start flaming.

3) TS, I love that song.
JacobTheMe, you pretty much said what I was gunna say word for word, and for that, I am halfway between thinking you are awesome, and halfway to thinking that you are a thought thief.

In any case, here it is again. I think God exists as a concept rather than a being. When he is a driving force in the lives of many, and all that jazz, who's to say that isn't real?
Religion thread.
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