So im not sure if this is the right place to post this but oh well. I listen to alot of metal and was wanting to get into a different style of music and one style that i really like is a style that bands like cynic and between the buried and me play occasionally. Its when they go from playing that really fast technical stuff to a realy clean sound with what sounds like lots of reverb or some type of modulation. I was wondering if theres any good bands that play mostly or all of that real clean almost psychedilic sounding type of music. That stuff sounds it would be really fun to play and would probably help to learn different types of music as a guitar player.
Rush!!! They've changed a LOT over time so they cover a huge range of sounds from the 70's to now.

Alex Lifeson is a fantastic player and he plays both extremely fast and tricky solos, to very graceful rhythm chords and arpeggios. He is also a master of the whammy bar, although it isn't necessary to play Rush songs.
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Hi, have you tried listening to Opeth? Their music often shifts between fast tempo to clean relaxing sound and back to heavy stuff. I don't know if you're in acoustic guitar but they use acoustic guitar most of the time for the smooth moments.

Try listening to these songs in their entirety (they're usually long songs, but since it's progressive metal, they switch pretty often, give'em a chance if you don't like the first part for example) : "Dirge for November", "The Baying of the Hounds", "Beneath the Mire", "Hours of Wealth" and "Porcelain Heart". Of course their album "Damnation" is a more smooth CD (no screaming, more clean electric guitar) and should contain a couple of tunes that match what you're looking for. I had a lot of fun in learning to play "Still Day Beneath the Sun" which is a beautiful acoustic song. I own pretty much everything they made since 2000 and I can say it has taken me to a new level as a guitarist

Sorry for my english, have fun!
I'm pretty sure those clean psychedelic bits in BtBaM's songs are at least partially inspired by the clean, psychedelic bits in Smashing Pumpkins older albums, I know SP is a big influence on BtBaM, and it sounds pretty possible, so check out some older Pumpkins albums.

If you want a straight up clean, very psychedelic experience for a full album, check out Campfire Songs by Animal Collective. I would link to some samples from it, but it's basically one long psychedelic-folk song, and it's really better listened to as a whole piece.

Grizzly Bear is also pretty psychedelic, they're a lot calmer and kind of folky, but if you want some really nice, atmospheric psychedelic music, I'd recommend them. I'd check out Yellow House and Veckatimest by them. The guitar parts can actually get a little complicated to play at parts, so some of their stuff might be fun to learn.

Uh, if you want more of a Beach Boys-on-acid kind of psychedelic vibe, check out Panda Bear's Person Pitch album, it's a very interesting listen, very chilled, upbeat, dark, light, just a really great psychedelic album.

Hope this helps.
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Don't know if you like Indie or Modern Rock but some good choices would be:
The Airborne Toxic Event
Thom York
Sun Kil Moon
Modest Mouse
Carolina Liar
Cage the Elephant
Dandy Warhols